Hey bakers,

We’ve said this time and time again; you — our community — mean the world to us, and everything we do is to ensure that you receive the best possible service on the Cake DeFi platform. So when you asked and told us you wanted USDC coin support, we didn’t just listen, we heard you and our team of busy bakers got to work on the integration.

All Cake DeFi users can now deposit USDC coins into their Cake DeFi accounts. But that’s not all! …

As most of you already know, everything we do at Cake DeFi is for our community of users. Our community means the world to us, and that’s why we’re launching an even bigger and better, all-new VIP program!

Before the official launch of the new and improved initiative, we’d like to give you some insights into what the new blockbuster program looks like. Once again we’ve listened carefully to you and have taken all of your feedback into account to create a new program dedicated to awarding the most important people in our lives — you — our bakers.


No one can foresee market-shaking events like those of the last few weeks. However, even in such situations it is possible to keep capital losses to a minimum — or even to make profits — and to stay calm accordingly.

In this article, we’ll give you the 3 best tips to protect your portfolio from the next crypto crash — plus, you’ll also learn how to get a regular passive income on your cryptocurrencies regardless of the market situation!

Tip #1: Build a diversified portfolio

The first tip may sound a bit trivial, but a large part of crypto investors do not follow it: Never put…

Fact 1: Cake DeFi already serves over 150,000 happy customers

At the beginning of 2021, we were still serving under 50,000, but we can now already call over 150,000 people from all five continents our customers, or sometimes lovingly “bakers”. A number that continues to grow rapidly. The reason for this?

Fact 2: Excellent Customer Support & Customer Retention

The Austrian avant-garde artist Hermann Nitsch couldn’t have imagined a better scene in his Orgien Mysterien Theater, than the one we are currently witnessing: The streets are full of blood and the ultra rich are literally wallowing in it, rejoicing that they are able to buy Bitcoin sub $40k again.

What has caused this massive drop?

The big crypto crash on May 19th was one of the biggest daily percentage moves in over a year, with mostly newbie investors rushing to exit trades that until recently were outperforming any other asset class. …

Cake DeFi makes it possible for you toget $20 FREE and start receiving cashflow on your cryptocurrencies within the next 5 minutes!

Receive a $20 gift directly deposited into your account when you make your first deposit of $50 or more, resulting in an immediate 40% return!

Depending on which coins you prefer and your risk/reward preference, you can then even start to make up to 100% cashflow on your cryptocurrencies per year!

Imagine what this could mean for you… if you have just one month of salary saved, that means a whole extra month of income! …

Cake’s focus is on a really simple user experience, apart from the high returns. Constantly adding more features, with the vision to eventually realize a true one-stop platform where you can manage all your assets.

This article will help you get to know our products in a simple way and how you can easily profit from them.

1. Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum directly with Euro / Dollar

2. Lapis Services

3. Staking Services

4. Liquidity Mining

5. More resources

Dear Bakers,

The last few months were one of the most challenging, yet also most rewarding in Cake DeFi’s recent history. The first quarter was all about growth which severely stressed each “fiber” of the organization, made it stronger and even more resilient and persistent than ever before in order to be able to maneuver the organization through potential rough waters in the future. …

Cake DeFi is launching a brand-new referral program, and as you might have guessed, we are offering some of the best returns in the industry.

Taking the old referral program as an indicator, where many of our top affiliates already crossed the 5-digit mark in passive income, the new program has to offer even more. So it probably won’t take long until we’ll see the first 6-digit referral bonuses hitting our bakers accounts.

You’re up for a treat, so let us show you how it works.

Important: The new system with more rewards also applies to already existing referrals!

The DeFiChain Foundation just announced four DFIPs (DeFi Improvement Proposals) as well as six Community Funding Proposals:

All proposals are designed to improve DeFiChain and stimulate long-term sustainable growth. You can find out more about these proposals in the DeFiChain GitHub links above.

In this piece we want to focus on how Cake DeFi deals with…

Cake DeFi

Earn Interest on your Cryptocurrencies. Simple. Safe. Sincere. https://cakedefi.com

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