🇺🇸Cake DFIP 1&2 Voting Results!

Hey bakers,

Thank you all for voting on DeFiChain Improvement Proposal 1 & 2!

Today we are proud to announce that thanks to you, our community, everything went as smooth as it gets with no problems whatsoever!

The Voting Results

Both DeFiChain Improvement Proposal 1 and 2 were approved by a large majority.

If you want to get all the details, click here.

Out of 574 voters:
- 92.9% approved DFIP 1
- 89.2% approved DFIP 2

DFIP 1 & 2 Voting Results — just by voters, not DFI voted!

Measured in DFI:
- out of 19,542,928.04 DFI, 98.63% approved DFIP 1
- out of 19,542,748.05 DFI, 98.45% approved DFIP 2

This results in the following Masternode votings:
- 20 Cake masternodes approved, 1rejected DFIP 1
- 20 Cake masternodes approved, 1 rejected DFIP 2


At Cake, we are very happy that DFIP 1 & 2 were so well accepted by the community, and are looking forward to DeFiChain’s implementation within the next months!

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Your Cake Team

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