🇺🇸Cake’s processing of DeFiChain’s DFIPs 3, 4, 5, & 6 + CDFP 1

The DeFiChain Foundation just announced four DFIPs (DeFi Improvement Proposals) as well as the first Community Development Fund Proposal:

All proposals from DeFiChain in video form as well

All proposals are designed to improve DeFiChain and stimulate long-term sustainable growth. You can find out more about these proposals in the DeFiChain Foundation’s articles — linked above.

In this piece we want to focus on how Cake deals with these proposals — with particular emphasis on how the voting is handled.

Cake will not cast a vote on someone else’s behalf or for people who do not tell us how they want to vote.

As a Cake user, you are entitled to participate in the DFIP voting.

You will receive an email with instructions asking you how you would like to cast your vote; which will be forwarded on to the DeFiChain Foundation.

An important point to note: If a user does not tell us how he or she wants to vote, we will not take sides and make our own decision. Put simply, we will not cast a vote for that user.

This means that voting, and the end result is entirely in the hands of the Cake & DeFiChain communities.

Make yourself heard. It is extremely important that you look at all five proposals so that you can vote in the near future.

We also encourage everyone in the community to join the Cake Telegram group and discuss the upcoming vote! Share your feedback, your questions, your concerns with us.



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