🇺🇸 Delisting of ZCOIN and PIVX (due to regulatory reasons)

Today we have important updates regarding ZCOIN & PIVX to announce.

Everything you need to know in video form

Due to regulatory reasons, ZCOIN & PIVX have to be delisted from Cake.

Because ZCOIN will be launching a major update, tomorrow, Wednesday to Thursday Midnight SGT, Staking Rewards for both coins will stop and automatically be transferred to your available balance.

Dash and any other coins currently available for staking are not affected.

What this means for you

First of all, if you are currently staking on Cake: don’t panic.

There is no need to withdraw your coins right away.

The wallet will continue to function without any limitations whatsoever until the 28th of February, only the staking will not be working anymore from tomorrow midnight on (you won’t be getting any rewards).

Your staking shares will automatically be converted to the regular coin by Cake at 0 fees — we do this completely at our own cost.

We hope you understand this decision in making sure that Cake is complying with all regulations, and you are welcome to use any other of Cake’s many services.

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Your Cake Team

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