DOWN BUT NOT OUT — Why BTC And DeFiChain Are Still On Track for New Record Highs


  • BTC’s price increased from US$0 in 2009 to around US$63k in 2021
  • DFI’s price increased from US$0 in 2020 to around US$5.47 in December 2021
  • Downtrends are normal — especially in a relatively new market such as the crypto market. It’s always best to invest for the long-term

From Zero to Hero

Not Bad for a Rookie

  • Used for paying for transactions, smart contracts and other DeFi activities
  • Used for crypto lending or borrowing
  • Used to spin up a new DeFiChain node
  • Used to create a non-refundable personalized DCT (DeFi Custom Token)
  • Used for submitting a community fund proposal for 10 DFI (non-refundable)
  • Used for providing liquidity for the decentralized exchange between crypto assets

What History Has Taught Us



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