Easy 5 Digit Passive Income with Cake DeFi’s Referral Program

Cake DeFi
4 min readMay 6, 2021


Cake DeFi is launching a brand-new referral program, and as you might have guessed, we are offering some of the best returns in the industry.

Taking the old referral program as an indicator, where many of our top affiliates already crossed the 5-digit mark in passive income, the new program has to offer even more. So it probably won’t take long until we’ll see the first 6-digit referral bonuses hitting our bakers accounts.

You’re up for a treat, so let us show you how it works.

Important: The new system with more rewards also applies to already existing referrals!

Win-Win-Win: Over $10,000 Every Year Passively

With Cake DeFi’s referral program, everyone’s a winner: You, as the referrer. Your referred friends, who are also benefiting from cash flow on their cryptocurrencies. And Cake DeFi, which is also taking a small piece of the pie as commission.

And since Cake DeFi offers so attractive returns, your referral rewards can be really juicy as well:

How does it work?

Your referral bonus is calculated by:

  • All assets your friends hold on the Cake DeFi platform (Total Referred Assets)
  • The total number of friends you’ve referred to Cake DeFi (Referral Badges)
  • Limited Time Promo: You get $10 per signup plus your friends get $30

Total Referred Assets

The maximum amount you can get as referral bonus (max. referral bonus) equates to 1% of all the assets your friends hold on our platform. The current breakdown is as follows:

  • Staking: 1% of all assets
  • Lending: 1% of all assets
  • Liquidity Mining: 1% of all assets

Four Referral Progress Badges

Depending on how many friends you refer to Cake DeFi, you’ll unlock a new referral progress badge. Each category specifies how much of the 1% of the total referred assets you can get. Please noteyour friends needs to have a balance of at least $50 on Cake DeFi to be counted as a referral that is eligible for the bonus calculation.

Limited Time Promo

When somebody you referred signs up and makes their deposit of $50 or more in value (with any coin), you will receive a bonus of $10 worth of DFI, plus your referred friends receive $30 in DFI. This bonus will be locked up for 180 days in the Freezer program and automatically earns staking returns during this time.


The bonus is paid out every Monday, based on your referrals’ assets and referral progress badges. The bonus payouts are in the coins that your referred friend is earning from.


Assuming you’ve referred 10 friends and they put a total of 4.25 BTC and 185,000 DFI into various Cake DeFi products. In order to calculate your referral bonus we first calculate your max. referral bonus, which is 1% of 4.25 BTC, respectively 185,000 DFI — that’s then 0.0425 BTC and 1,850 DFI.

In a second step, we check which referral category applies to you. Since you referred 10 people, you are eligible to 100% of the max. referral bonus. So in this example you’d receive a total annual referral bonus of 0.0425 BTC and 1,850 DFI paid out in DFI on a weekly basis, just by referring your loved ones. That alone amounts to over $10,000 per year in passive income! And with the limited time promotion, you’d instantly be up $100 already. Can it get any tastier than that?

Start Referring Now

With Cake DeFi, it’s really not a question of if, but when you will be joining the sweet “5 digits passive income club”. The sooner, the better, right? The new referral program is already live, so start referring your friends and baking rewards together today!

Originally published at https://blog.cakedefi.com on May 6, 2021.