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For a limited time, you can get $20 worth of DFI when you register for Cake FREE!

Get $20 in DFI FREE today, when you…

  • Sign up for Cake DeFi at https://www.cakedefi.com
  • Cake DeFi is the most transparent way to get cashflow from your cryptocurrencies. Deposit a minimum of $50!
  • DONE! Your FREE $20 Reward is automatically deposited to your account and will be staked at 37% APY for a minimum of 180 days until you can withdraw.

HODLing on for at least 180 days — worth it.

When this bonus started, 1 DFI was still below $1.

Now 1 DFI is worth over $2.60 already — And DFI is not stopping.

Get DFI. HODL on. Enjoy!

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Your Cake Team

P.S.: If you have any questions or feedback, join the official Cake Telegram group.



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