Get 5% on Ethereum per year!

Considering that cryptocurrencies have so far been quite good as INFLATION protection and general cash flow is particularly good as DEFLATION protection, “cashflow from Bitcoin” or “cashflow from Ethereum” represents the best of both worlds: Bitcoin or Ethereum protects against inflation and their cashflow is perfect for deflation — that’s where Cake comes in! :)

With the launch of our Bitcoin Lending Services called “Bitcoin Lapis” in the 1st quarter of 2020, we at Cake have set the first milestone for providing 6% per year on our users’ bitcoins. We not only offer the best returns in the industry, but we are also the only company that is completely transparent about how this return is generated. Every week, thousands of our customers check to see if what we say happened, happened. The motto “Trust, but verify” is not just something we say in the Blockchain world, we at Cake live it every day. Success rate so far? 100%.

Cake Team Zoom Hangout

Interest in Bitcoin Lending has been growing more and more rapidly over the past few months and week after week we have been able to increase the individual batches by 30% in some cases. Many companies are happy to see 30% growth within a year, at Cake this happens in some cases on a weekly basis and underlines that customers appreciate our core values of transparency, simplicity and attractive returns.

However, it is also important for us to take this opportunity to thank you as our valued customer. It doesn’t happen every day that a company becomes so popular with customers within its first year and sees such a strong adoption. So strong, in fact, that by May 2020 we will probably have the first month with a positive cashflow — within the first year. This means from now on, we should be completely independent of outside investments. It doesn’t necessarily mean, we don’t take any further investment, it just means we don’t have to. We are quite proud of that and it wouldn’t have been possible without all the trust you have shown to us. As a small gift, on the evening of May 11, 2020, we credited each customer with just about 10% of their deposits as a bonus in the form of DFI Tokens. You can get more info on this coin that intends to bring DeFi to Bitcoin on Each customer should have the bonus DFI in their account, and they currently yield a return of almost 30% per year. Quite cool, right?! This is a token of our appreciation, and we hope to have you on our platform for many more years to come.

DeFi Chain DFI Token

But now to the actual topic: Today, 25.5.2020, we start with Ethereum Lending, called “Ethereum Lapis” and offer 5% per year on your ETH. Once again, we are working with the same core values as with all other services: ease of use, total transparency and the best returns on your ETH that are available in the industry. The limit for the first batch today is only 2,000 ETHs, which will probably be filled out pretty quickly. So, if you want to have cashflow on your Ether, you should hurry.

Ethereum Lending on Cake Lapis

5 easy steps to use the Lapis service for Bitcoin or Ethereum:

  1. Login or register for free:
  2. Full Tier KYC already done?
  3. ETH or BTC deposits:
  4. Click on “Enter”
  5. Choose compound interest and rock ’n’ roll!

Of course a new Bitcoin batch has gone live too today and you can of course continue to stake Dash, PivX, Zcoin and DFI — all with full transparency, total simplicity and the most attractive returns. Bitcoin batches fill up within hours, so, if you want to get 6% on your BTC, do it today!

If you have any further questions, check out the FAQs:

Furthermore, join our Telegram group — the Cake community in there is mega strong:

Here you will also find a Q&A from our founders U-Zyn and Julian:

Cake YouTube Q&A

From the entire team, we would like to thank you for your loyalty as a customer, and we look forward to pushing the boundaries of the crypto ecosystem again and again!

We will continue to focus on our mission to create cash flow from any kind of block chain asset in the most transparent and attractive way possible, to build a 1-stop platform that allows you to manage all your finances automatically and AI-supported — be it crypto, real estate, stocks, gold and much, much more.

We appreciate your trust on this journey

Your Cake Team

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