🇺🇸 Milestone accomplished: Get 11% per year for your USDT! 🥳

USDT Lapis is starting on Oct 2nd 2020 with 11% APY!

Cake Team Zoom Hangout

What a journey

Next week, Cake is launching a USDT Lending Service with 11% APY!

USDT Lending on Cake
  1. Login or register for free: https://pool.cakedefi.com
  2. Full Tier KYC already done? https://pool.cakedefi.com/#/me
  3. BTC, ETH and USDT deposits (from mid next week): https://pool.cakedefi.com/#/wallets
  4. Click on “Enter” https://pool.cakedefi.com/#/lapis (from mid next week)
  5. Choose compound interest and rock ’n’ roll! https://pool.cakedefi.com/#/me
Cake YouTube Q&A



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