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4 min readAug 24, 2022


If you’re new to Cake DeFi and are wondering where to ask tips on how to use our services or where you can say “Hello!” to other bakers, then you should definitely check out these online channels and platforms to receive updates and assistance from our team, and to “bake” conversations with other members of our fast-growing online community.


Telegram is currently our go-to app when it comes to relaying real-time updates and notifications to our users in a fast and reliable way. Thanks to its ease-of-use, storage capacity, and security features.

Furthermore, we use this app to receive and reply to both enquiries and comments sent by over 31K members of our Telegram channels. And since our Telegram channels are available in different languages, members can easily start or join conversations with ease.

Try joining one of our channels and say “Hi!” to receive a warm welcome from our channel moderators and fellow members.


If you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown of the latest company updates or to contribute in-depth reviews and comments, our Reddit page is definitely worth a look.

Additionally, you can read our latest blogs from there or get advice and tips directly from our team. You can also share your favorite articles, videos, photos or memes, and also make a vote on your favorite content submissions from over 6K fellow bakers.

Indeed, the possibilities are endless on our Reddit page. So, why not give it a visit today?

Of course, our communication channels wouldn’t be complete without our official social media accounts. Depending on the type of content that you’re looking for and how you wish to interact with us, feel free to like, follow and / or subscribe to these official Cake DeFi social media accounts:

Facebook (over 30K followers) — need your daily dose of Cake DeFi articles, images, videos and updates? Like and follow our official Facebook, so you won’t miss out on our daily Facebook content.

Instagram (over 33K followers) — get to see Cake DeFi through a different lens by checking out the amazing visuals on our official Instagram account. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy our Instagram stories, reels and live videos as well, so make sure to follow us.

LinkedIn (over 22K followers) — if you’re an avid reader, then you should view and follow our LinkedIn page. We share editorials, opinion pieces and other exclusive write-ups that are only available on our LinkedIn page, so make sure to give it a follow.

Twitter (over 38K followers) — for highly-engaging content, follow our official Twitter page and receive real-time tweets on company updates and promos. Make sure to check out our weekly Twitter space live broadcasts as well for informative discussions with our CEO and Co-Founder Julian Hosp, Head of Community Fabio Andreatta and our occasional special guests.

YouTube (over 20K subscribers) — if you’ve missed an episode of our Twitter space live broadcast, don’t worry. You can find them on our official YouTube channel together with other educational videos on crypto investing. We also share exclusive video content on there, so make sure to subscribe and tap the notification bell icon, so you won’t miss any of our new uploads.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these channels and online platforms, and start baking conversations with our team or other Cake DeFi users.

We look forward to catching you online and welcoming you as the latest member of the fastest-growing community in the crypto space!

Originally published at on August 24, 2022.