WIN A FREE HOLIDAY WORTH $3,000! Join Our “dAsset Liquidity Mining Promo”

How To Participate?

  1. CLICK HERE to go to our Liquidity Mining service page.
  2. ALLOCATE a new entry of at least $50 worth of funds into any of the dAsset Liquidity Mining pools (excluding DUSD-DFI). To be eligible, participants must not withdraw those same funds for at least 7 days after the promo ends.

Any suggestion on which DUSD-dAsset Liquidity Mining pool to allocate funds in?

What is Liquidity Mining in simple terms?

What’s the main advantage and disadvantage of participating in Liquidity Mining?

Why should I use Cake DeFi’s Liquidity Mining service?

How often do users of Cake DeFi’s Liquidity Mining service receive their rewards?

What are dAssets?

Where can I get more information about Liquidity Mining?



Earn Interest on your Cryptocurrencies. Simple. Safe. Sincere.

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